ZAP! Cables - Desk Pad Illustrations

Awesome looking, custom computer and audio cables is what ZAP! Cables are known for. With the fun challenge to add some new designs to ZAP!s' large desk pad line up I began looking at what the market space had to offer. After doing some brainstorming two directions came to light that fit with the ZAP! vibe - a psychedelic Hawaiian pattern and a direction that expresses the beautiful sound of mechanical keyboards through the bubble letters of a graffiti aesthetic.

Desk Pad One - Hawaiian Acid Meltdown

Inspired by vintage Hawaiian t-shirts and saturated beach sunsets, this concept uses bold and vibrant color that begins to percolate in new and unexpected places. The classic Hawaiian floral elements all undulating, shifting shapes and layering like the early onset of an LSD trip. 


Desk Pad Two - Mechanical Music

Click! Clack! Thock! These are some of the delightful sounds that eminate from mechanical keyboards, the favorite of many customized keyboard lovers the world-over. ZAP! custom cables and desk pads aesthetically fit these keyboards lovely. To share in that joy, the concept of this direction was born.


Available Now - Visit ZAP! and Snag One Up!

Available Now - Visit ZAP!
and Snag One Up!


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