ReSounds ClearPath App

GN ReSound is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of hearing instruments and has changed the way people hear and experience life. Alera, one of Resound's newest hearing devices, works hard to provide crisp, quality hearing in some of the most difficult of listening environments. Utilizing new technologies, Alera offers wireless connectivity to patients phones and TVs.

At space150 we created an iPad app that would help patients and their supporters understand the hearing loss they live with and help provide the best solution to their loss. Patients would be evaluated with a simple 10 question assessment. Using interactive audiograms to help illustrate how specific environmental situations will impact the patient's ability to hear speech in various noisy scenarios and help illustrate hearing loss through a simulated audio experience for friends and family. The app also creates a custom report that recaps the discussion and the recommended products for a simple takeaway.

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